Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Adventure to Costco

On Sunday, I took Hannah and Maya to Costco, since the shopping carts there can hold 2 babies at once. Fiona stayed home and played pool with her daddy.

You know what? Two babies is a lot easier than three babies. They were fantastically well behaved, and provided many cute photo opportunities.

Hannah is being charming, and Maya is showing off her new snarly face, which I can't help but find hilarious.

And I love this picture, because it looks like I'm buying babies in wholesale. And I guess we did, since you could definitely call 3 little girls a bulk purchase of babies.

Monday, October 6, 2008

11 months, only 2 days late

Happy 11 months old, girls! Sorry I'm a little late posting to celebrate, but you have a tendency to keep us very busy these days.

We spent the weekend visiting my parents and my sister. Everyone conked out on a walk through downtown West Hartford:

Hannah's magical grin:

Fiona's devilish smirk:

Maya and her daddy's tasty shirt:

The rest of the photos from this past weekend are here.
Happy 11/12 of a year girls! We can't wait for your birthday!