Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tasty tongues

We've been working hard on eating.  Maya and Hannah are doing really well with eating from a spoon, but Fiona's taking a little while to warm up to it.

After eating, there's obviously quite the clean-up job for Bella and Sandy.

After eating, sometimes we hang out in the sun room.

All the cleaning and baby-tending sometimes leaves the puppies a little tired out, though.

For reason that escape us, Hannah and Fiona both enjoy sucking on their own tongues.  What exactly makes their tongues so curiously delicious?  I'd love to know.  Here's Hannah, snacking on her tongue.

Happy Father's Day to the girls' wonderful daddy, and also to both of their granddads!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

7 months old!

I can hardly believe it, but Hannah, Maya, and Fiona are 7 months old today!

All 3 girls are doing really well. We had a nice weekend recently when they got to hang out with their cousin Caiden and their uncle Josh.

We've been going for lots and lots of walks, now that the weather is nice and warm. Between their morning walks with Kathleen and their afternoon and weekend walks with me, they get so much fresh air. We even saw our first rainbow after a storm last week.

Our big task for now is learning how to eat. We tried the rice cereal a month or so ago, and it was roundly rejected with 3 thrusted tongues. We waited a few weeks and tried again, and the girls are getting much better at eating. I made them a batch of carrots the other week, which received a lukewarm response. I think the texture wasn't smooth enough. This past weekend, I made them sweet potatoes, which are a much bigger hit.

Fiona looks a little skeptical, but still takes a taste:

Hannah was a little confused I think, but she's warming up to the idea:

And little Maya fell in love with sweet potatoes:

They get so messy so very quickly after eating, it's crazy. Thank goodness for dogs on clean-up patrol, or else we'd have to start taking a LOT more baths.

Some more recent pictures are here.

The pictures from our sweet potato adventure are courtesy of Jodi. Jodi and my mom were up this weekend for a visit, which was great. Jodi took a bunch more pictures, and those are here.

This weekend, the girls have several parties to attend. With all the wonderful clothes we got this weekend from both of their grandmothers, I'm sure they'll all be quite fashionable.

Happy 7 months old, girls!!!