Friday, May 1, 2009

Vote for us!

The girls are lucky enough to have made the top 20 in a Cutest Multiples Contest.  Please vote!  They could win some swanky new shoes and other cool stuff.  Vote now, before May 6, and again after May 6- here is the link!

The other day, I took the girls to the playground on the beach in Nahant- it was entirely too warm and sunny to spend the day cooped up inside.  I'll take these pictures as a chance to describe what the girls are up to these days.


Crazy Fiona.  This girl loves to rock.  We frequently find her sitting on the rocking horse her aunt Carolyn got them for their first birthday.  She'll sit there, bouncing like a maniac and screaming for fun.  She's taken to removing all her clothes and all items from her crib, so when you find her in the morning, she's a naked, jumping, giggling maniac.

Hannah has a new nickname- Mother Hannah.  She just wants to take care of her sisters.  If one of them is crying, she brings them a sippy cup or a cookie, along with a pat on the back.  She loves hugs and cuddling, perhaps to an extreme- she won't hesitate to bite the person who interferes with her cuddle time.  But usually the philanthropy prevails- the other night, Maya dropped part of her Oreo, and instead of stealing it for herself, Hannah picked it up and gave it to Maya to finish.

Maya is our little adventurer.  She was the first to start walking, and pretty much runs everywhere she wants to go these days.  And if you don't want her to go there, you're in trouble.  Most attempts to hold her hand while walking end up with her struggling to peel your hand off her arm so that she can run away, usually towards whatever undesirable location she can find.  But she isn't totally independent- she's learned how to give very sweet kisses and hugs to make up for her rebellious streak.

We have a bunch of new pictures to share- you can find them here:

Love to you all!